I encourage women to live righteously and be loved correctly!

Life & Relationship Coach

As a certified life and relationship coach who has also been coached by one of the nation’s most influential and powerful coaches, Ms. Lakeisha Dixon I see coaching as a helpful tool to develop yourself as a person, work through pivotal changes, or live a more purposeful life.

I work with individuals, groups, and couples to help them cultivate a life of greatness!

I see coaching as a partnership, where I stand alongside my clients, helping them to cultivate their own values and achieve the dreams they have set for their life.

I would love to be your coach!


Life & Relationship

  • How to identify your 3 P’s: Purpose, Passion, and Profitability
  • Transition from Fear to Focus (Faith)
  • Creating and Achieving Goals that Scare you
  • Mindset Shift: The Power of Perception
  • Embracing your Season of Singleness
  • Healing is Necessary: How to be a whole and not a better half
  • Worth the Wait: Process of Purity
  • Law of Attraction: Be who you seek


  • Pre-Marital Counseling
  • Cultivating Intimacy: Identify Your Love Language
  • Fighting Fair: Attack issues Not each other
  • Be Intentional: Love Dare
  • Roadmap to Reconciliation: Recovering from Infidelity


Life & Relationship

  • Living Single Righteously: Singleness, Identity, Sexuality (6 weeks/ 12 weeks)
  • Cover your covering: Praying intentionally and strategically for your spouse
  • G.E.M.S.: Girls Effectively Mastering Self-Confidence (for teens)

Are You Ready?

There is no time like the present! I am sure you have walked and at times felt like you were crawling towards your heart’s desires, your purpose, the life you desire most to live…but I dare you take a leap!

I want to jump with you… 

Schedule a FREE consultation TODAY: Let’s have a Heart-to-Heart about the things that have concerned your heart.

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